It’s really pretty simple:

  • Deals. Good things that are cheap in cost, not in quality.
  • Doing good. Easy ways to be charitable and generous.
  • Events. Events to consider attending. Because I live in San Diego, the majority of the events posted will take place in San Diego. But, I don’t discriminate. Got a cool charitable or creative event coming up in your ‘hood, let me know!
  • Ideas. Actions or practices to consider doing. Creativity to be inspired by, including craft projects, fashion and music. Thoughts and opinions worth considering.
  • Vittles. Recipes as well as good eats in San Diego and beyond. And by “good eats,” I mean food that literally makes me do a little jig in my seat after the first couple of bites, the kind of food that I get nostalgic over.
  • Hooch. Info on craft cocktails, their hoppy relatives and where to find the spots that serve them well.
  • Watch This. Films or short videos to check out.
  • Conquering Convoy. Places I’ve eaten on Convoy Street between Aero Drive and Clairemont Mesa Boulevard in San Diego. My goal is to eat in every food joint on this stretch of Convoy Street and to share my experience of each one.

Now, please explore.