Toasting Farra Miron, The Hostess Haven

| November 19, 2013


For my article published in the December 2013 issue of San Diego Magazine, “The Glass Menagrie,” I had the pleasure of sitting down with Farra Miron, owner of The Hostess Haven, a tableware and barware rental service based in San Diego. During our conversation, she explained what triggered the idea for her business, why her mom is her hospitality role model, and how she found all of the chic glasses, stemware, plates and flatware that occupy open shelves in her garage-turned-stockroom.


“I do play in here,” Farra said as we stood among the pieces she has collected thus far for The Hostess Haven. “It’s awesome.”

Although The Hostess Haven is frequently tapped by wedding planners and stylists, the collection isn’t solely reserved for large-scale events. Farra also lends her supplies to those hosting smaller get-togethers. After all, the business idea bloomed out of her own experience of hosting Thanksgiving for about 35 friends in 2012.


She can also help style the tabletop. “Most often, I’ll pull items based on the client’s vision and then we work together to get the pieces right,” explained Farra. “From that point, I’ll either carry out their vision or I’ll deliver to them to design just how they like.”

Come 2014, Farra hopes to expand her business to include an online shop from which she’ll sell small batch food items, vintage wares and new pieces that have what Farra refers to as the I’m-in-my-mom’s-kitchen look. Expect pieces in brass, pewter, wood, ceramic, quartz and stone.

She’ll also blog more frequently, sharing ideas and tips on entertaining at home, recipes, table decor and hostess fashion and style.


In the end, Farra’s business stems from an appreciation for gathering with friends and family. “I will forever love the idea of sitting after dinner with no TV, just after-dinner drinks, cozy rooms and conversation for hours,” she said. “I’m the first person who wants my house to be clean and nice for everyone else, but I also think that letting your guard down a little bit more by opening up your home and just having that genuine connection is important.”

To see what you can borrow from Farra for your holiday table, visit The Hostess Haven. To read my profile of her for San Diego Magazine, which includes her list of eight entertaining tips, click here.

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