Cards that say what you’re really thinking

| August 25, 2010

9spotmonk letterpress is the discount Fendi bag at the bottom of a Ross store clearance bin, and their Recession Line cards are the expletives and other colorful phrases uttered upon making that discovery.

In addition to the birthday card pictured, other cards from 9spotmonk’s Recession Line that hooked me like a another episode of Kate Plus 8 are a card for a new mommy, a birthday card to give to a sibling, a card to commemorate a new relationship, and an anniversary card.

For me, these cards were the gateway to the rest of 9spotmonk’s beautiful letterpress cards, notebooks, and stationary. But if I had to pick the ‘first’ thing I’d buy from 9spotmonk, it would probably be a set from the Recession Line. Go figure.

Photo from 9spotmonk’s website

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1 Comment to Cards that say what you’re really thinking

August 25, 2010

My favorite is the anniversary one :-)