Birthdays and Number Sparklers

| January 14, 2014


Tomorrow is my birthday and, this year, it’s going to glow with something classier than candles: number sparklers! Made by TOPS Malibu, these candle replacements will help me usher in 35 with the glitz and glimmer the age affords.

January 15 is also my mom’s birthday and she deserves to shine more than I do. I put her in labor on her birthday 35 years ago, for Liz Lemon’s sake! I’m a good daughter, so when I met up with her, my dad and their friends this past weekend for her birthday dinner, I didn’t reveal her age by topping her dessert with numbers. Instead, she was given a star that popped and sparkled when lit.


Luckily for San Diego-based me, I was able to buy these wands-made-to-twinkle at Pigment, one of my favorite shops in North Park. If they weren’t available there, I would have ordered them directly from TOPS Malibu.

The number sparklers come in two different heights: 8 inches (aka “regular”) and 4 inches (aka “mini,” pictured throughout). As of this posting, TOPS Malibu sells the regular-sized sparklers for $6 and the minis for $4. If you’re celebrating a milestone age, you can catch a deal when you order an $8.50 Milestone Sparkler from the TOPS Malibu website.

No birthday cake, please: I’m literally going to light up a slice of Apple Raspberry Rhubarb Tart, my favorite dessert from Bread & Cie in Hillcrest, with the numbers befitting my life span thus far.

Yay 35!


TOPS Malibu Sparklers are available in San Diego at Pigment (3801 30th St.) and from the TOPS Malibu website.

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3 Comments to Birthdays and Number Sparklers

January 15, 2014

These are so cute ! Love them – thanks for sharing :)

January 15, 2014

Glad you like them, Robbin!

mommy C
January 15, 2014

It was a delightful surprise of sparkle galore for your mom’s cake. She looked very surprised and happy, as we all were attending. You gave the moment to your mom, how very humbling you great daughter. Happy 35th my sweet daughter-in-law, may your day be happy & bright.
Love Tim & Carol