Clara C comes back down to SD

| November 23, 2010

Clara C’s voice is a zephyr, and her lyrics and notes are leaves that rise and fall with the breeze.

Since she’ll be back down in San Diego on Wednesday, December 1st, to promote the release of her debut album, “The Art In My Heart,” with a performance at The Loft at UC San Diego, I had the chance to interview her for my latest article.

One fun fact I learned about Clara C that I chose to save for this post is that she’s as much a Potterhead as I am. At one point in our interview, her first instinct to express how it feels to pursue and achieve a music career was to use a Quidditch reference, explaining, “It’s like Harry Potter and the snitch. Just close your eyes, follow your instinct and seize what you want by its golden snitch-like wings.” She then followed this explanation with a translation, just in case I wasn’t a Harry Potter follower. I dig that she was mindful, but reassured her that I completely understood what she meant.

Naturally, having met a kindred HP spirit, I was tempted to compare Clara C to the Gryffindor Sword, which only takes on that which makes it stronger, in my review of her performance on her debut album. Alas, I held back. Even though I knew that she’d understand it, I don’t know that many readers would. But, that’s why I also keep a blog, isn’t it?

Tickets to the performance are $8 for UCSD students and $10 for everyone else. Don’t forget that you’ll also need to pay for an evening parking permit to park on the UCSD campus. Evening parking permits can either be purchased from a permit pay station or on campus at the UCSD Box office.

Until then, enjoy this video of “Offbeat,” her first official single off of the album, as posted on her YouTube channel.

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