Hip Hop By Way of The Aladdin Soundtrack

| August 04, 2011

Billy and Adam are SNAKESIt’s like a tree growing in Brooklyn. Or it’s like Mickey Rooney as Mr. Yunioshi in “Breakfast At Tiffany’s.” You know: It’s absurd, but it happens. And many times, as in the following case, I’m grateful that it does.

Billy Scafuri and Adam Lustick are a couple of crazy cool cats with un-containable crazy cool talents. They’re witty as all get out, making up two parts of the sketch comedy group, Harvard Sailing Team. Beyond that, they’ve got murderous musicality and dope rap skills. Put the hilarity and the hip hoppery together and you’ve got Billy and Adam as the stitch-in-side rap duo, Snakes.

“We have always been huge fans of hip hop,” says Billy whose own CD collection started with the Aladdin soundtrack, followed by Dr. Dre’s, The Chronic. Once the idea for Snakes formed, Billy and Adam got together with producer Michael “Rich Royce” Prochilo and released Not Ready To Die in 2009 then Network Takeover in 2010.

This year, they’ve come out with The Sleepover EP, a five-song album that was recorded and produced in 24 hours. To say the Sleepover songs are funny is like saying leaves are green. To say they’re laugh-out-loud funny is to admit that phone text abbreviations have infiltrated my vocabulary. So, I’ll say the songs made me laugh so hard that when I heard my laugh echo back at me, I wondered, “Is that how I sound when I laugh?” Then, “Wow, working at home alone is like working in a cave.” Followed by, “Would that make me a bear?”

Songs off of The Sleepover EP that hooked me include “Sleepover,” not only for its references to “That’s So Raven” and TNMT but for its sick beat; “Sex On The Moon” featuring Upright Citizens Brigade performer, Chloe Wepper; and “Monkeyface,” my new go-to wedding reception song request that Billy and Adam recorded in the 16th hour.

“Between Harvard Sailing Team and other personal projects we are working on it’s really hard to conceptualize and pull off a full album which is largely why we wanted to make this album in 24 hours,” shares Billy. “I think we would all like to do another Sleepover EP, perhaps with a few more friends, and if the people want more, we’ll give them a fresh new LP soon. Maybe we could call it The Brunch Album.”

I’m of the people and I want more. Who’s with me? Besides, my brunch soundtracks have been so blasé lately.

(Photo caption: Billy (L) and Adam (R) are SNAKES. Photo from Billy and Adam’s Facebook page.)

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