About Dig this Jive

Classic-PasaloMy name is Christine Pasalo and I’m into this whole blogging thing.

There’s a moment when sitcoms like The Office and Better Off Ted transition from being funny to becoming blatant reminders that you chickened out from pursuing more personally worthwhile career paths. After nine years of working for a global publishing company, the moment for me came in March 2010.

To put myself out there, I started Dig This Jive. A few months later, I chucked my admittedly unintentional career as a technical writer to stick my neck out as a self-employed freelance writer.

Now, when I’m not supporting the nonprofit educational organization known as Comic-Con International, I write about things that interest me about San Diego and beyond. That includes restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, charitable organizations, and events. I’ve also begun dabbling in DIY and sharing recipes.

Outside of Dig This Jive, my writing can be seen in San Diego Magazine, Exquisite Weddings, the Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS), Graffiti Beach Magazine, Pacific San Diego Magazine, Cities2night.com, Examiner.com, Proxart.com and MateoMagazine.com. I work on growing this list daily. To see samples of my work, please feel free to visit my portfolio site: christinepasalo.com.

I’m always looking for something new to check out or try out. If you’ve got any tips, please feel free to email me at christinepasalo{at}gmail{dot}com. Just know that not all tips will be shared on the blog.

And just so my readers and I are on the same page: Unless otherwise noted, I don’t receive compensation for my posts.

Finally, any photos or images posted on this blog that aren’t my own will be credited and linked back to the original source. All other photos are my own, so if you choose to use one on your website or in any of your social media feeds, please follow the same courtesy by crediting “Christine Pasalo” and linking the image back to this blog. Thanks!

Learn more about me and my blog with each anniversary write-up:

By the way: Thanks to my sweet husband for helping me set up this platform. I dig him a lot.

(Photo caption: Devour life like a never-ending supply of banchan. | Taken by Scott Norland)