The mixtape just got real

| May 25, 2012

Procrastinating via my Facebook News Feed has reaped yet another reward: Jeff Skierka’s Mixtape Table. It’s perfect for my bucket list reading room, the one I get to decorate according to my whim alone. The coffee table would beam back at me in its reclaimed maple, walnut, and lucite glory, nudging me to think of my junior high days when I carried around Monica, Tevin Campbell, Heavy D, and En Vogue casette singles in a plastic Keroppi box on road trips to San Francisco with the ‘rents.

And hold on to your yellow Sony Sports Walkman: Skierka’s table is reversible, having an A side and B side.

Yes way.

[Via Thumbprint Gallery's Facebook page.]

Photo courtesy of Jeff Skierka

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